Where did 2022 go?

Well Christmas is over for another year thankfully, its never my favourite time of year but this year it has at least been very peaceful. We spent the day at Nannup, just the two of us and of course Bella and had a very relaxing day. New year in contrast looks like being the complete opposite as we have a very busy few days ahead of us.

2022 started with a huge house paint in Gelorup and work has flowed thick and fast ever since. If all goes to plan there will be some changes to my work life in 2023 as I have a number of things swirling around in my head at the moment. I can’t share anything yet but will do in due course.

February saw a huge step forward in my mental health at long last. Ironically but probably not surprisingly it came after a visit to my wonderful Doctor not my Psychologist, although the latter has still been a very welcome support this year. After the customary health giving hug and subsequent conversation about how I was feeling, she paused then spoke two sentences which felt like she had lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and i’ve not looked back since.

The book continues to sell, not in great numbers, but in fairness that is probably my fault because I’ve been so busy with work I’ve not really done any promoting but that is something I’m planning on attending to next year. Without any doubt the best thing to come out of the book is the number of lovely people I’ve connected with through it, cumulating with me being asked to speak at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle in October which was a real highlight of my year. Standing in front of an audience of medical students who will be tomorrows doctors was very empowering and was the thing that started me on the journey of deciding to change a few things next year.

The dreaded covid caught up with us in November after Denise had a few days in Melbourne with some friends and brought it back with her. Thankfully neither of us were really sick; Denise had a cough for a few weeks afterwards and I still feel a little more tired than usual but nothing serious. The latter has actually improved my sleep issues, it’s an ill wind etc….

Denise continues to be very much in demand regardless of semi retiring in February 2021. She is now working part time for the Nannup Music Club along with lots of private clients. We continue to get great pleasure from our little piece of paradise here in Nannup. If ever there was a place to build a life that you never want a holiday from, this is it! I always thought that Busselton was a friendly place but Nannup is on a completely different level. The community spirit here is immense and the feeling of belonging is extremely strong. We have both joined the North Nannup Volunteer Bushfire Brigade, me as an active firefighter and Denise as an auxiliary. I have completed my firefighting skills course and have been given all the uniform, hat and boots to go with it. They are a really great bunch of people, very inclusive and appreciative of the volunteers. Our property is in a very bushfire prone area and we have done a great deal of work to make it as fire proof as possible but having the skills and the colleagues to deal with emergencies is a great comfort.

The last thing I want to mention is that December 28th marked the 10th anniversary of Denise and my first date. Looking back I can’t believe all that has happened in those 10 years. We have had so many adventures and wonderful times, along with a few challenges. I’m sure there will be lots anniversaries to come, and probably some challenges, but we are a great team and I love our life together. All that remains is to wish you all a very happy, healthy and safe 2023 and beyond!

Lots of love

Stephanie xx