Daily Calm

Since i was first introduced to meditation some 20 months ago i have listened to literally hundreds of guided meditations. There have been a few that I’ve listened to lots of times but i feel in order to further my learning it’s good to seek out new ones and learn new techniques.

There are many apps and websites which offer a variety of different meditations and I’ve tried most of them. Some are free and some require a small subscription which I don’t mind at all. However, i do like to sample first! One such app is simply titled “Calm” which appealed to me but after listening to a couple of “tasters” I wasn’t impressed enough to part with $80 when my thoughts were that there were better ones available. I realise that the content is probably the most important thing but i need to enjoy listening to the voice of the person speaking and while i realise my accent may not be to everyone’s liking or understandable, i have to say that some of the voices grate a little. Also i find that in some of them the background music is too loud and it affects my ability to concentrate which I find frustrating. However, at the beginning of January i started receiving emails from Calm telling me how they had improved their content and changed a number of things and asking me to consider subscribing. As usual there were a couple of tasters which seemed ok but i had in the meantime found a number of new ones on the “Let’s Meditate” app so was happy listening to them for the time being. After ignoring the first three or four emails, out of desperation or a last ditched attempt Calm offered a years subscription for half the usual price. Now being from Yorkshire, I love a bargain so thought I would have another listen and stumbled upon “Daily Calm” a short 10 to 12 minutes daily insight which i enjoyed. In fact, i was hooked and paid the $40. Daily Calm is narrated by a lady called Tamara Levitt, her voice is soothing and each day she covers a different topic, most of which have been really informative. It is just a wonderful way to start the day and gives me something different each day to think about on my mindfulness journey. Two years ago i simply couldn’t have imagined saying this but IT JUST WORKS!!! The more I meditate, the better i get at it and the more beneficial it is to me! Give it a try, you won’t regret it I promise!