How lucky are we!

Amid the global wreckage of COVID-19 it’s hard to find any positive news but what it has done is remind me just how wonderfully lucky we are to live where we do.

Apart from 1997 in the UK when I was convinced Tony Blair had the best package of promises to take to the election and the conservatives were seemingly very stale, I’ve never voted Labour in my life, but I think our West Australian Premier has done (and is still doing) an outstanding job. I don’t watch television, rarely read a newspaper and avoid online news and social media as much as possible but the odd snippets of information I’ve seen from both the UK and the US have absolutely made me realise that I’m in the best place.

One of the plus points of being in semi lockdown has been that we have been able to spend more time at our place in Nannup. I went with a long list of jobs to do and even took most of the materials needed to complete them but I don’t think I’ve done any of them. What I have done, aided by Denise, is completely change the front area of the property. It’s an area of probably 40 metres by 60 metres which was completely covered in ferns, bracken and emu bushes but is now pristine looking parkland as you will see from the photos below. It was very hard work for us both and especially for my trusty old mulching lawn mower which needed some serious TLC half way through the project, but it has completely transformed the place.

While COVID-19 has been devastating for thousands and thousands of people globally and still is, there have been lots of positives. Firstly, I think we all must have a bigger sense of appreciation for health workers in every single sector. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for those people on the front line. Secondly, and this is especially true in my case, it has given us time to “go back to basics” if you like, spend time with family, entertain ourselves with the real pleasures of getting back to nature, walking more, driving less! Shopping less!!! For me it’s been a real eye opener. I find that when I’m working at Nannup I’m thinking only about that, my mind completely engaged in what I’m doing, not worrying about what else I should or could be doing. There has also been more time for self care and meditation and I have tried to dedicate a small amount of time twice a day for it. It really helps me, in fact mentally I am in the best place I’ve been for years. After a horror first two months of the year I feel so much more at peace with myself. Ironically one of the biggest differences has been brought about following a conversation with a fellow patient of my psychologist. We had a conversation about how each of us were doing and she suggested I write a letter to my parents as it had helped her tremendously. The best part was that she said I should also write a reply from them! And I did. The whole thing has made me look at things from a slightly different perspective and it has really helped. I just need to get a few wayward hormones back into line (which I’m confident I can do with a little help this coming week!) and all things will be good.

We have also made great strides forward with my book – its title has changed and I have set up my own publishing company with the help of Denise and two wonderful ladies in Nannup who are guiding me through the whole publishing journey and the front cover is taking shape. While we are not there yet, at least I feel things are coming together which is exciting. Quite how it got to be 500 pages long I don’t know but hopefully you will all be able to read it soon!

Here are some photos…

Some of our friendly neighbours coming for their daily visit
After many days of clearing…