An eventful 36 hours but so blessed

Yesterday started like most other Tuesdays. Denise was up early to walk with Linny and the first I remembered was being brought my morning cup of joyful jasmine tea at around 7 am. Denise had her shower while i woke up fully and sipped my tea. I decided to make breakfast before having my shower so Denise could leave for work without a rush and went into the kitchen to make our usual scrambled eggs. At some point i must have turned awkwardly to get something from the fridge and felt a very sharp pain in my neck and right shoulder. So much so that i was fully unable to turn my head to the right, at all. I thought it would go away and gently carried on with breakfast but in considerable pain. We finished breakfast and Denise got on her way to work, i was still in a great deal of pain so now that i had some food in my stomach I decided to take a painkiller. I don’t tend to do anything by halves and went straight for the strong stuff, they work a treat and usually in twenty minutes i am pain free. I thought if i go and stand under a hot shower i would be sure to feel the benefit quickly. While both helped, i was still in pain so decided to check if my physio had any appointments during the day and sure enough she had one at 10.30 so i booked it.

My job for the day was to fully detail the Santa Fe and make it ready for sale as we collected our new Hyundai on Friday. Now i know it wouldn’t excite many people but for me, detailing a car brings me joy, call me weird, I don’t really care! I didn’t want to start with the pressure cleaner as i thought i would probably get wet or hurt my neck more so i just emptied the car completely and took out all the mats etc. by this time it was after 10 so I decided to get ready for Erin to do her magic. By this stage the pain had subsided a bit, most likely the painkiller so i was able to drive into town without any problems once out of the drive. Erin was her usual wonderful self, did her magic, gave me some homework and after a big hug i was on my way feeling much better.

After having a coffee I carefully and mindfully got on with detailing the car and enjoyed myself, so much so that i washed and vacuumed the Pajero as well. All was good until just after 4 pm when I noticed a strange burning sensation in my chest. This was followed by a tightness and a general feeling of being unwell. I persevered but it got worse, much worse. I decided i better call Denise. She was on to it in a flash, called Linny to get her to come straight round while she packed up and left work. Now at this point i was actually thinking “this is serious” Denise arrived home and swiftly got me into the car and to the hospital, there was no messing there either, straight through triage and into the ward, there were so many people around me hooking me up to various machines and asking lots of questions, it was all quite surreal. I honestly thought they would give me an aspirin and send me on my way, not going to happen! Yes i did get the aspirin, and something else to put under my tongue, blood taken, chest X-rays, the full works but by this time I’m feeling better. Whether or not that was the tablet or the aspirin I don’t know but something had certainly improved the situation. I thought, I’ll be out of here in no time! That wasn’t happening either! We were talking about taking more blood every 4 hours and me spending the night there and there was no negotiation room either!

So, there i stayed for the night, and very well looked after i was too, the night nurse was so lovely, turns out her brother works with Denise and I’ve met him lots of times so we had a lovely time chatting, there was only me and one other patient in the ward at the time so i think she was happy to have someone to talk to. Of course she got the whole story and is a definite for a copy of the book. What with the blood tests and the hourly blood pressure monitoring I didn’t get much sleep even after taking my normal tablet so after my 1 am bloods she gave me something stronger and i did manage some sleep after that but was awake again at 5.30. The nurse spotted i was awake and brought me a cup of tea which was lovely of her. The doctor came round about 8.30 and told me that the blood tests were all normal so i could leave when i wanted and they would contact my GP and fill her in with the details so i can follow up with her in due course.

While laid in the bed i got to thinking just how blessed we are to have the wonderful healthcare we enjoy here. They are all truly amazing people and I can’t thank them enough. Erin did advise me to have a relaxing day, then took one look at me and said “it isn’t going to happen is it?” Well I’ve had one today!