One of life’s little luxuries!

I’m nursing a troublesome back and a sore right knee at the moment, the latter causing me to cut short my evening walk tonight as i see no point in aggravating the situation by walking when it hurts. It is very frustrating as I’ve been to various people, Osteo and Physio and thought after my visit to the second Physio yesterday that we had made some progress but it seems not! However, when I arrived back at the house I decided to have a bath which would hopefully ease it a bit. For me, relaxing in a warm bath laced with Epsom salts, gazing out of the window at the State Forrest which lies at the back of our property watching the flickering flame of a lovely scented candle would have to rate as one of my favourite pastimes. I can’t imagine having a house without a bath in it, it’s an excellent place to meditate (although i have been known to fall asleep during meditation!) and feel at one with yourself.

We have decided to call our house in Nannup “The Bird House” for various reasons which i’ll leave you to work out for yourselves! It is so relaxing here, as we sit in the living area the only audible sounds are me typing and Bella snoring! Even she loves it here, there must be so many new smells to take in (and kangaroo poo to roll in occasionally!!) she is very at home now after a bit of a shaky start when she wouldn’t venture far from the car in case we left her here. We bring her along every weekend and it’s almost like she knows what day it is and gets ready to jump in the back of the car. Hopefully we don’t have any bushfires like the devastating ones in  Victoria and New South Wales as even though we have done all we can to prevent damage I don’t think anything would stop fires like those and we wouldn’t stay and defend anyway. All material things are replaceable but human life is not so we would leave in plenty of time. Obviously we are lucky to have somewhere else to go. It would be devastating to lose it after all the work and love we have put into it but I suppose bushfires are one of the risks you have to take when you buy a property like this!