Now I don’t believe in coincidences but a very strange thing happened today which I’m struggling to put down to anything else!

We arrived at Nannup mid afternoon on Friday, We didn’t make it last week and really missed being there. There is such a peaceful feeling at the property, it refreshes us both over the weekend and we get such a sense of achievement for what we have created. The forecast was pretty dismal for the whole weekend and I didn’t expect to get much done. However, Saturday was quite nice and we did lots of jobs tidying up all the fallen twigs and branches during the morning. After lunch Denise had some work to do so i thought i would collect up some firewood which i had cut to give to a good friend back in Busselton. There wasn’t quite a load so I grabbed my AEG battery chainsaw to cut down a small dead Jarrah which I’d had my eye on for a while. It seemed to lean a little more each time i saw it so thought now is the time. The position of said tree was just at the other side of the strategic firebreak, there or thereabouts on our boundary (that’s my story anyway!). Cutting it down was a very easy job even with a 12 inch battery powered saw, i cut it into 4 pieces, picked up the lightest one in one hand and the saw in the other and headed for the trailer. This was where it all went wrong, there is the remains of a fence between where the tree was and the firebreak, I didn’t see it and tripped. I went straight down with a thud, my specs flew off my face, my chest hit the piece of wood and my chin hit something else. I carefully checked my tongue as the last time something like this happened, my lower teeth went straight through my tongue as i had it between my teeth (you have more strength with your tongue sticking out !! Everyone knows that!) all good, tongue still in tact, big pain coming from my chest and my chin, worse still, there was blood on my chin! The worst thing was that I couldn’t find my specs, i thought they couldn’t have gone far but i just couldn’t find them. I called Denise who joined me to look and eventually they were found thankfully.

We arrived back in Busselton about midday Sunday complete with trailer load of wood. By this time my chin was feeling better than it looked but my chest was still painful. I decided that if it was still bad when i woke on Monday i would call the doctors and make an appointment. Now the chance of seeing Dr Sarah at that short notice i knew was not likely but i felt sure that i would be able to see someone. I am very well looked after at Broadwater Medical Centre, they are all very kind to me (sometimes a little bit cheeky but I don’t mind!) so thinking i would call at 8 am i made some tea and waited. My chest was still very sore so i was thinking maybe I should have an x-ray to make sure I hadn’t cracked a rib or something. So I’m watching watching watching as the minutes ticked away then at 7.55 my phone rang, i thought who would be calling me at this time??? I opened the phone, there on the display was Broadwater Medical Centre, i answered it and the voice at the other end said “Hi its _ _ _ _ _ calling from Broadwater Medical Centre, Dr Sarah has had a cancellation this morning and I wondered if you would like it” i was speechless (which doesn’t happen very often) i said i would love to take it and briefly explained what had happened. I put the phone down in disbelief, i could hardly believe what had just happened!

So I attended the appointment at 11am, went for an X-ray which was done straight away and was back home by 12. The further icing on the cake was that the lovely lady at the Radiology place (who I’ve met several times) asked for a copy of the book which i delivered later. It all goes to prove how wonderfully blessed we are to live where we do and enjoy such incredible care.

With Gratitude xx