All it takes

Today has been a surprisingly good day in the circumstances. After a night bereft of sleep until after 3 am it finished a tough week on a high. The reasons for the very poor nights sleep were a mind full of stuff following a soul searching appointment with my psychologist and a niggling tooth ache which had gathered momentum during the evening.

I managed to get an appointment with the dentist, not the one I usually go to but in the same practice. When I made the appointment I explained that I was a patient of the practice but had changed my name, she found my details under my old name and said we could deal with the amendments when I came in. I thought it best to mention my new name so no one felt uncomfortable when I got there, she was fine and finished by saying “see you this afternoon Stephanie” I got there ten minutes early so we could get the paperwork done before the dentist was ready to see me and as soon as the paperwork was done I was called in. Thankfully my concerns that it was my crown which was causing the problem were incorrect and it is instead the wisdom tooth which is the culprit. The downside to that is it’s a specialist job as the roots are not defined very well on the x-ray so I have been referred to the guy who took the last one out for me.

As he is always busy I decided to go and make the appointment there and then. I walked into the reception, there were a few people around and both receptionist were busy dealing with people. I waited in line until one became free, she looked up and smiled at me and asked how she could help. I explained the situation and she asked if I’d seen this dentist before, I said I had and she asked me my name. I told her that was complicated as I had changed it since the last time. She gave me a change of details form to fill in and a pen so I sat down and started to write. The form was quite long and asked lots of questions but I waded my way through it and went back to the desk. By this time the waiting room was empty, I gave the form to the receptionist and she asked me to wait in case there any queries. She said “oh, you’ve changed both your names” I replied, “yes along with a few other things, sort of swapped sides as it were” she stopped writing and gave me a long hard look and said “I would never have guessed if you hadn’t told me” I said “honestly?” She nodded and I told her that was the best compliment anyone could ever give me. The other receptionist then added “you look great” I thanked them both and left feeling ten feet tall. That really is “All it takes!”