Busy day

Busy day planned for today! Coffee with Dennis first, then back home to pick up the trailer and the old dishwasher and round to Chris and Alison’s with the chain saw to help Chris trim some bushes and take them to the tip, then into town to get a few things and go to the post office to change the number on the Amarok. While I was there, Nick text me to ask if I was up for a coffee so that took care of things till about 4 pm then call into Fennessys to see Geoff about a few things but more to see what the reaction would be to my earrings! Max and Shirley didn’t say anything but as soon as I walked into Stephen’s office he said what’s going on with your ears? I just replied “all part of the bucket list” and left it at that! It was good to catch up with the guys, I do miss the people but not the trade and the stories Geoff told me didn’t do anything to change that! It clearly gets worse not better!
Denise was out for the evening so I had a lovely quiet night, long walk with Bella and caught up on some emails and things, sorted some clothes and relaxed!.

First Yoga class

Today’s highlight if you can call it that was to be my first attendance to a yoga class, to say I was more than a little nervous would be an understatement! I was assured that there would only be Denise and I, Juls and her brother and the lady who takes the class and her husband, who had been briefed about me so shouldn’t be any uncomfortable moments, when I got there I was introduced to Shelley who take the class and Juls’ brother which was all good then the class began! Well talk about being out of my depth! Anyway I did my best to keep up and think I did ok. As the class went on I got more into it and actually started to enjoy it and on the grounds that it should be doing my posture and flexibility good will give it another try!

Guy, Christmas cake and Stephanie

Not much planned for today, shopping, a few jobs around the house and not much else, what I hadn’t planned to do was tell anyone about Stephanie. Denise needed to hand in her resignation from her 2 day a week job and decided to ask Guy to come to ours to discuss it over a coffee which he did, what I didn’t expect to do was tell him what was happening but after greeting me and shaking hands he asked if I had always had my ears pierced? He thought it was great and having got 3 in each ear himself I found that a complement, I told him the story of how it happened and we had a good laugh about it. The conversation turned to work and after joining them for coffee and Christmas cake I left them to it and went to the bedroom for a lie down but as I laid there I realised that it would be much easier for Denise to explain why she needed time off if I was to tell him about Steph so I went back to them and said to Denise “if you want to tell him you can” and we did between us, he was firstly shocked but then really supportive, wanted to know all about it and said if there was anything we needed we only had to say, I then showed him a picture of Stephanie, his comment was “quite tidy!” Which I took as a huge compliment.

A relaxing day for once!

Had a lovely relaxing day planned today, a few jobs to do around the house, some general “pottering” plenty of visits to the coffee machine and a tasty lunch. The rest of the day was indeed relaxing, a quick drive into town to get some cough medicine and to Bunnings for some new locks for the shed and the front door then a long walk and bed, just what the doctor ordered!

Panto time

Saturday was a day for jobs in the morning and then we had been invited to the pantomime in the afternoon followed by pizzas at our in the evening with the Lacys, now I wasn’t much looking forward to the panto but as is usually the case if you’re not looking forward to something then it usually turns out better than you expected and this was the case! For a group of amateurs and school kids it was an excellent effort and the company was good as usual. The evening was very enjoyable also, Chris and Ali came round for dinner, the pizzas were excellent as a bonus. Alison brought me some things she was going to throw out like several handbags and scarves, and one beautiful scarf wrapped up as a present to Stephanie from the Lacys which was lovely, all the right colours and feels gorgeous on.

Pampering and Chinese

So it’s Friday again! 144 days to go not that I’m excited about it! The highlight for me today was always going to be my visit to Linny for my pedicure, eyelash tinting and some lessons in makeup, it was amazing, Linny is so lovely, my eyebrows are a little sore after waxing but look wonderful as do my lashes and my toenails. I took the dress that Jessie bought for me and put it on for her, I think she was suitably impressed!. Being pampered is just amazing, I love it so much and have missed out on it for so long living as Robin and as long as I can afford it I am going to enjoy it to the max.
Claire was down getting her hair done so we had booked the Chinese for dinner, I showed her my toes and my made up face, she never asked why or anything so no awkward moments!. Dinner was good at the Chinese, about half the price of Esperance but very crowded, food excellent and we all ate too much!. Had a good walk when we got home and as mum was out went to bed soon after. The saddest part of the day was a message from Anna saying that she probably wouldn’t be going to Bali as she was not well enough, hopefully she will call me today to have a chat, I’m not sure how much I can help but like Jessie her sister, I love her and would love to help if possible.

Osteo and dishwashers

Today a trip to Bunbury with Denise to the osteopath, a truly lovely lady who without her I wouldn’t be where I am today, she set the ball rolling almost 5 years ago by suggesting I visit her GP and I am so thankful to her, also she works miracles on me without much pain so a bonus. We had coffee and a muffin in Macdonald’s then went to look at dishwashers, the first place was pretty unhelpful but the second, retravision was totally different, a no bullshit approach and we came out with a very good deal and it in the back of the car!. No surprises what I am doing this afternoon then! After a little adaptation I managed to install it but unfortunately the tap then leaked so left it for Friday.
We then had a visit from Cindy, what we both expected to be a five minute visit to drop off the keys turned into a couple of hours with a glass of wine and I was able to wear my dress for her which was good, I can’t explain it but wearing dresses just makes me feel amazing and I want to do it all the time!

My dream comes true at wild lily

Wednesday was going to be a busy but enjoyable day I felt, I went into town first thing to do some shopping, the town was manic even before 9 so I quickly got what I wanted and returned home, then a visit to the GP for Denise and a blood test for me, I don’t like giving blood but have got used to it I suppose and this was uneventful. I went back next door and waited for Denise to come out, she was followed fairly quickly by My GP who came over to me and announced that she had seen pictures of me as Stephanie, I was a little shocked to say the least, she is the most wonderful person without whom I would not be in the position I am today, half way to my dream of transitioning! She said how lovely I looked and jokingly told me to stop looking so happy!. We returned home and I prepared myself for the afternoon! First lunch with Jessie then to wild lily, Jessie had organised for me to have the shop to myself with her undivided attention, I thought of a couple of hours at the most but we ended up being there for 5 hours! It was like a dream come true for me, I have to say, I didn’t expect to part with over $1500 but it was well worth it! I have so many clothes now I don’t know what to choose when I dress for dinner but it was a lovely experience and worth it, she also gave me lots of tips for makeup and accessories, gave me lots of dress jewellery and we shared a bottle of bubbles in the process.
The down side of the day is that Denise is really struggling at the moment, I guess mainly down to me and it must be very hard watching me transform into Stephanie and have so much fun when she feels that in the process she is loosing Robin, her soulmate, coupled with issues with her kids, pressure from work and to some extent my up and down moods it must be very hard for her but at least she is getting help and has made an appointment with a counsellor for a week Monday, in some ways I would have liked her to see The same psychologist as me but I can see her point of view that it wouldn’t be the right thing when she is looking after me so we will see how it goes.

Bunnings, jobs and home in the heat

Today is drive home day, about 380 kms and I will be pleased to be back in my own bed and see the pets again but before that, a trip to bunnings to get a replacement shower head and some de scaler to clean all the scale from their ensuite shower, I love doing things for people who appreciate it and they certainly do, the shower head was an instant success, the de scaling wasn’t so good as I couldn’t get the stuff I wanted in bunnings but it was much improved. We left around 1 pm after a quick lunch with Joe and headed home, today was going to be warm! Up to 39 in places and the tar on the roads was melting a great deal so unfortunately the car got splattered with it on most panels! Another job to do! It was good to get home though.


Today the drive over to Albany to stay with Joe and Margaret for the evening, back into male clothes for the day which is disappointing after so much enjoyment over the last few days even if it was tinged a little in the restaurant. Today was hotter, up to 34 in Ravensthorpe where we stopped for lunch but back down to 23 by the time we reached Albany. The funny thing was, neither Joe or Margaret mentioned the earrings! Maybe they are too polite but I did expect a comment from Margaret at least, dinner out was ok, fish and chips in a local restaurant, fairly basic but good food and they are lovely company, really interesting people, both look well for their age and I love visiting them.