An ill wind!

After a fairly full-on week of painting and maintenance we made our usual 70 km drive to our little piece of paradise at Nannup. On arrival dinner was cooked, eaten and cleared away then time for a walk with Bella. It’s feeling pretty autumnal here but a beautiful clear night without a breath of wind so after the walk it was decided that we would pour ourselves a Baileys each and sit under the stars and enjoy. There is a perfect silence tonight, the stars and half moon shining signalling a nice day tomorrow. As we sat in front of the house in complete silence it felt like we were a million miles away from what has become the most talked about subject worldwide, that being COVID-19. It’s like a different world.

While I’m on that subject, with reference to the title of this post, I’ve heard it said “it’s an ill wind that blows no good” and in my case either COVID-19 occupying a part of my mind, my session with the hypnotherapist, some good advice from a friend which came out of nowhere, or getting on top of my seemingly delicately un-balanced hormones once again has massively improved my state of mind. I can’t actually see that COVID-19 can take much credit as i believe if you think you are going to get it then you most likely will, i on the other hand absolutely believe that i wont get it and consequently won’t It is however hard not to let it dominate your thoughts when everyone is talking about it for one reason or another and it’s on every single type of media. I certainly don’t want to belittle it’s seriousness but i just won’t be drawn into the fear factor which it has undoubtedly created. This is a time when we should be the kindest we have ever been, let it bring out the good in every one of us not the bad. We need to help each other in any way we can, a kind word, a smile, a selfless deed, it’s not rocket science!