Appointments and more appointments

Today it’s just 4 weeks to the day we leave for Philadelphia, it’s starting to become very real and we are both now focused on doing everything we need to before we leave, preferably with one week to go so we can at least relax!

The Amarok was going for its 15k service today, an expensive affair but we love the car and it’s much better on fuel than the Navara so the fact that it is a little more expensive to service is not a big problem. I had also arranged an appointment with my speech therapist, she was really pleased with my progress, and said she thought I was 75% there with my pitch and vocabulary which is pleasing. My back is still not good so I also made an appointment with the osteopath, she is a wonderful person and played a part in me being where I am today as it was she who introduced me to my GP and without her I probably wouldn’t have obtained my health records from the uk which started the ball rolling in 2015.

The next job was doing the weekly shop at Coles, I was going to go home first but thought there was no point so went straight from Bunbury, I enjoy doing the shopping and even more so as Stephanie but yet again I didn’t see anyone I know, it has to happen soon! It’s probably a good thing actually as I am building up my confidence so am better equipped to handle a situation should one arise.